Sunday, September 30, 2007

you know you are a dumbfuck when...

Well dear readers, I havent posted in a while, had a lot going on of late. Met a yummy male Dom. Spartacus looking hottie and smart and twisted in ways that just make you clench in places that dont often clench, it is so good.

Being travelling a good bit, and met a new fem sub as well. Now that brings Me to the title of this post. You know you are a dumbass when you just like to attempt to start shit for no reason at all. I wont go into details but a certain whiny bitch of a submissive recently showed just how far down the list he is in the food chain by exposing what he thought was negative information about Me...

Gee, somehow I dont see having a submissive go to McDonalds for Me as so wrong. Yes, I know the fat and carbs will kill you but I dont think I have ever had anyone "red" about it. Can you even imagine how fucking totally lame you would have to be to even make a comment like that? Oh no, not the dreaded Mickey D's run, the MD TREK OF DOOM? Say it isn't so...What an insane nightmare!!! I am a total fucking bitch, right?

Well I am shaking with laughter right now because everytime I think of that shit I just want to roll on the floor with laughter. Then I feel a twinge of aggravation because it makes Me want to just have a certain pal of Mine just squeeze him until his eyes bleed. But then the moment passes and I just take whatever else residues from his bullshit and pass it out to the poor slut that is suffering under Me at the time.

Works for Me...;)

Monday, September 3, 2007

Does size matter?

I know it is hard to believe, but this is a real picture, and that dick is really, that small. I would think that the person depicted would be on anti-depressants or under the care of a psychiatrist. I know I would be if I were a man and had that between My legs. Anyhooo, I just returned from the Big Apple and this one was one of the wee worms that I saw there. Which inspired this blog entry. "Does size matter".

Let Me be perfectly frank,it matters. Are you fucking kidding Me? Of course it matters, can you imagine woman looking down at that little nub and getting hot in the pants? I have seen bigger wine bottle corks. I cant even picture someone trying to have sex with it. I would just get pissed off if a potential lover even thought to try and insult Me like that.

Now it does give an argument for gender reassignment. I cant see why you would want to be a man with a pseudo dick like that but I guess I am not taking in the masochistic natures of the human kind. Go figure....

So, dearies, in My opinion if that is all the package that you have, stay the fuck home and let the grown folks handle their business. ;)

Mistress Lady Friday