Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I received this today and was touched. So I am sharing....
All i could think about all day was how much fun it would be to spend a couple of days with you, tied helplessly. And where on earth to find purple panties. i guess i have to figure out what size i wear first. Spent and used? Not so much. It would have taken a few more hours to leave me spent and used. i recovered quickly, except for the numb thumb. i'm hoping that'll clear up by morning. It was more like having my appetite whetted, as though i had a small container of fruit, but a large watermelon was sitting there unused.
All bothered? You betcha. The nipple torture you started with was equisite. The panties and bra were a little embarassing, but a turn-on. Plus the bra protected my nipples and made it harder for you to get at them, which saved a lot of pain. Ha! i was very thankful for the bra. The gag was a nice touch, and it was kind of you knot to tie it very tightly. The arm binder i'm ambivalent about. It was obviously effective at restraining my arms, but it was VERY uncomfortable, and the thumb is still a problem. But my discomfort may have been a plus for you, and for the most part, what makes you happy makes me happy, or uncomfortable as the case may be. Except for the sucking on the dildo. i really don't want any parts of it in my mouth. It wasn't a challenge, i just have no desire for any of that. i know, i know, you do and i understand that, which is why i put up with it this morning. That, and the fact that i couldn't get up and just say no, that i was stuck there at your mercy. i see it as the price i paid to get tied up and helpless, which is my real weakness. i'm old enough to know the flip side of being hopelessly restrained is that i'm open to whatever turns you on when you have me like that. So as long as you're getting off, i'll try to choke back my likes and dislikes and do as i'm told. i know, like i have a choice.
The pyrex. What can i say? In the mouth? Yuk. In the behind? i don't think i can even pretend you didn't have me totally with that. Once you got past the pain and got it in, it was all i could do to keep from begging you to hold me there all day. And when you used the electric bullet on the front end at the same time, i was totally your slut. i'm still hard. Been hard all day. my cock and my ass have been begging for you all day. You talk about grovelling. They are demanding, begging, pleading i present myself to you as soon as i can get back to you. i keep explaining to them that there are costs involved in all this, in terms of time, money, pain, humiliation, embarrassment, serious dangers. They don't seem to care how much the rest of me gets hurt, or how long my little body gets left tied up on the floor as long as they get more of this morning's activity. They even want me to replace the hooks in the ceiling so i can hang out here and wait for you while you go about your other business in Austin. Yes, we are all looking forward very much to seeing you again.
The main reason why? You may think it was the physical sensation of being tied and raped but it is really your personality. You are hot sexy fun in a nice package. You are open, intelligent, reasonable, and most of all you enjoy doing what you do, and know how to do it.
You were a pleasure to be with. i could see spending hours and days with you. It was like being with a hard edged insistent friend. i know you took it easy for the first meeting, and the hotel setting dictated a lower decibel level, and sure, there were some things i could quarrel or quibble with, or could if the gag were removed, but i really liked being with you, your whole attitude, body language, style, practicality, confidence. Thank you very much.

Now aint that just the bee's knees?

Monday, August 3, 2009

All kinds of fun....

It has been a while faithful readers, but here are a few of the things that have been going on. I met and interesting individual after a really nasty allergic histamine reaction on My face. Now nothing in My opinion reveals how vain you are until you have something fucking with your face. Not good.

So of course I was traumatized when I was so swollen and pretty much revolting for a few days. Then the universe decided to show me what real disfigurement was and sent a client that endured this condition that was hard to deal with. He had round growths (some the size of cherry tomatoes) all over his face, neck, back, arms, chests, balls, scalp, everywhere).

I have to say that I had a difficult time looking directly at him at first. I could only hope that wasn't reflecting on My face. Anyhoo I attempted to take him on as a houseboy but I found out that he was as ugly on the inside as he was on the outside. Disappointing to say for sure.

Then I stretched an ass from a finger sized vibrator to a john holmes sized dildo. That was note worthy to say for sure. Then the other day I did this cbt session that was just insane. I pulled and stretched and punched and trampled this man's balls to an intense degree.

Travelling again soon. Will keep you posted.

Mistress Lady Friday