Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hotel Horror

Well I had of course to blog about a recent event that was more than a touch eventful to say the least. I went to DomCon Atlanta and to My surprise ended up in jail. Now you may ask why? Arrogance is the answer I will give you. What was I arrogant about? My ability to control a slap ass happy bitch freak. Now why would I even try? That is a question I ask Myself now more than ever.

Long story short, I was using the car of a former submissive. This submissive was probably one of the most aggravating people I have ever met so that didn't go well. Then when he tries to use the car to manipulate Me into a more "personal" relationship, I of course give him the "denied" button.
So the little faggot bitch goes to the police and claims I stole his car and had Me arrested at DomCon

Nevermind I tried to return his car, had him contacted about where it was and asked for an address to mail his keys to him. No this little maggot goes to the lengths of making false allegatoins about Me to the police.
Now I dont know about you but I have issue with being arrested and put in jail.

Nevermind everything I have told the police has panned out and that I will be vindicated.

This little worm bastard is out there as a total menace to other Mistresses.

His name is Charles Hurley. He is a complete liar. Tales of being in Special Forces.... Burning his wife and baby's body on a funeral pyre......rape by his father... ( that he claimed his Mother knew about but had a good relationship with)

If you encounter this person, run. Do not try to give him the benefit of the doubt because I am the SECOND Mistress he has tried to do this to.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Updates and the rant of the day

So peoples I hope you all have been well and that the disturbing times both economic and political havent gotten you too down.

I am in Richmond Texas now and in a great suburban area. In fact am planning on co-hosting a Halloween/Fetish Party that I am greatly looking forward too.

Anyhooo the latest rant that I will share with you is about again, lame ass so-called submissive men.

Recently, I was contacted on a popular lifestyle bdsm website by a man I had blocked from contacting Me either through email, that site in particular, or im. He used the id of ladyfridayslave and went on to tell Me how contrite he was that he had so failed Me in the past and that he was ready to serve Me now as he should have then.

He went on to say how he knew I was looking for a houseboy and that he could be cleaning for Me even if I was still angry at him.

It occured to Me that he had a point. So I replied back and let him know I was giving him one and one chance only prove himself to Me.

So we made the arrangements for him to come to clean. He arrived and I gave him the list of chores I had for him.

I will say that he put a pretty good effort into what he had accomplished, UNTIL........ I sent him on an errand to the store, a little break for him.

While gone he calls and asks if he will have the chance to see Me in play garb. I told him no. Afterall, he was supposed to be here to serve and make up for the litany of lies he had told Me in the past. So I inform him that he doesnt deserve any reward,he is still be evaluated.

Again he calls and asks if he is going to see Me in gear. I respond again. No. And then surprisingly, he says, "Well I just dont see this working out Mistress."

These bitches kill Me with that shit. You are the wanking cyber stalking pest of all time. You beg to be allowed in My presence and then when you finally are... you have the nerve to tell Me that you want to see Me in garb because you have fantasized about it for so long. LOL, as though I exist to cater to your fantasy.

So, all I have to say about that one is, NEXT!