Friday, December 14, 2007

More dumbasses

I can't believe delusions that some people seem to suffer from. Now I know that some of you pussbags just sit and stare at pic of beautiful Dominas like Myself fantasizing about serving Us. But what makes you think that your delusions will become reality. Please if you are older than 50 ( and that is stretching it) then you pretty much can give up any hope of being a sex toy.

I cant think of anything more repulsive than an old wrinkled white face (probably covered with liver spots) between My thighs. Come the fuck on, do you think that would please Me. Just typing it makes Me throw up a little in My mouth. I dont need My pussy eaten so badly that I would comtemplate an elderly jethro to gum at Me.

So, if that is what you may have in mind when you are hoping to serve, take a good long look at yourself in the mirror first. Would you want you between your legs? If it answer is no, chances are I agree.

Happy Holidays

Lady Friday

Sunday, December 9, 2007

holiday ramblings

Well hello My dears, been a while and you know I cant resist blogging about the things that just drive Me batty.... Well that and connecting with you out there that love taking the pain I dish out....

What a crazy fucking world we live in. Here I thought that scat munchers had issues but we have a world where kids walk into malls with rifles and kill people. But perhaps he just took a note from our government... You think anyone told him that the mall and its shoppers were storing weapons of mass destruction?

Anyhooo, I am moving and God knows how we all hate that hassle. But nothing ventured nothing gained, I always say.....

Enjoy the pic of the boy I played earlier today. One of My favorite old school masochists. No hypo's for him. he likes old school safety pins..... Got to love that.

Take care and stay warm,