Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Who is in Control?

I saw this as a title of a posting on Fetlife today. My first question here would be if you are pursuing a D/s relationship, why would that even be a question? Obviously, the Dominant is in control or it is not a D/s relationship. And if so, then why would you even have a question about the dynamics of this relationship. Again, obviously you would be seeking a relationship in which (as the submissive) you would be assuming the submissive role. If you are doing so then your partner would be the one taking control. If they are not then they are not Dominant or at the very least not the Dominant for you. It is as simple as that.

Dominance in My opinion is an inherent trait. One either has it or they don'.t. No fetish attire or fancy play space can substitute for the simple presence of a self confidant and skilled Dominant. One either feels that they are being taken control of or not.

I don't know if it is a symptom of the whole "no winners or losers" virus gaining foot in mainstream society, but I suspect it is. If there are no winners or losers in the games of life then in D/s then it would follow there is not someone taking control and someone relinquishing that control. And to that I cry bullshit. If you encounter someone who claims to be Dominant but can't seem to make any decisions or make you feel safe and free to relinquish control. Then you are not with a Dominant. There I said it. They are not what they are projecting themselves to be. Leave.

That may not fit into the PC constraints we exist under today but those are the facts folks.

So now that I got that off My chest, My dungeon had undergone some changes. Location, in Montrose now. So nestled in the midst of alternative Houston's upscale bohemians we have even better accommodations (Full bath w shower) as well as a more discreet locale.

More to come soon, missed our talks. :P

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