Sunday, September 26, 2010

Me vamping again :)
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New Dungeon coming along

I rewarded dirty baby john with some play in My new bondage rack, cant wait to finish it all up and open Oct 5th. Whew its a lot of work but it is freaking awesome.!!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Maison Noir

After a good many years, I am finally realizing My dream of having My own separate dungeon space. Let Me tell you when the Universe talks it does so in a big way sometimes. So I find Myself on the edge of achieving everything I desired and cant be more tickled. It will be located in the heart of the Galleria with Bizarre Times. This location will be more geared to D/s and fetish so it should be pretty awesome.

"You wet your panties slut, crawl and get a new pair from the store!"

Tee Hee!!!!

It is a tremendous amount of work, but nothing worth having is easy. So far I have a cage, bondage chair, cross, medical tables and toilet box....

Cant wait to see how this materializes,

Updates soon.