Wednesday, December 2, 2009

SuperModel or Therapist?

Recently I had a conversation that sparked a debate with My boyfriend. I was quite surprised at his position as he has been in a relationship with a dominatrix over 6 years and apparently he just doesnt get it still. Anyhooo, the gist of it was him telling me about a mutual acquaintance he felt could be a great dominatrix. I asked why and he started listing her physical attributes. Tall, thin, attractive....

Not once did he say that she displayed any semblance of a dominant personality.strength of character or interest in Dominance and submission. I was offended. I countered with, so if I can wear a brooks brothers suit and carry a briefcase well I can be a business consultant? He looked perplexed and I realized that he didnt even realize how insulting he had just been to My chosen profession. I would never ignore the years of study and dedication it took him to achieve the level of respect and skill he possesses. So why would he do that to Me?

Why? Because it is yet another way for society to break down the strength and value of the strong woman. Commericialism has changed professional domination from a closeted position of respect to the slap and tickle of a costumed escort.

Having been a pro for over a decade and being someone that existed in the scene before there was the internet I have issues with the trivialization of professional domination. The women that founded this profession were beautiful in their own right but were not models necessarily. Instead they were women that embraced the role of the Dominant female to assist the needs of submissive men.

We were hard to obtain access to and discriminating whom we allowed to have the privilege of service. Men felt lucky to be in our presence and thankful to receive the balm of our services for their murky psycho-sexual proclivities. We are healers and explorers. Not women faint of heart, but women who are not afraid to get our hands dirty to speak.

We recognize that men are weak and need our guidance. That their natures tend to lead them to make bad decisions and sometime they need to atone for those.

That does not seem to jive with a hot chick that simply looks good in pvc or leather boots.

Times are a changing, and not all for the good.