Thursday, November 12, 2009


Well hello dearies, I have a bit of news that might interest you.. I have taken on a protege. Yes a protege and a fun one at that. Her name is Aldo Von Tease and she is a Switch, Yum right? I am all excited at the fun we had today doing some video shooting today. She got to get some "gloves on"action on the medical table after helping Me administer a spanking to a well deserving ass.

I will be uploading the latest clips tonight, we got into tickling, medical, on the exam table of course... I instruct Mz Alda in a prostate massage, both of Us in face masks and gloved in matching blue gloves . We look like demented nurses from hell..... LOL

After that we did some objectification and trampling with Moi in My new 8 inch platform heels.

Yes I said 8 inches.......

So come see what we have been up to at

Friday, November 6, 2009

The re-education of Shady

There are souls in the world that are leeches. People whose sole purpose is to use every other being they encounter for their benefit. You know them, they call only to compare your life and work opportunities with theirs. Constantly put on their mask of prosperity, when their under garments are in tatters. Sad mechanical people with no depth other than the false skin they wear to fool the masses.

Well Raggedy Ann, one day you will have your reckoning. The loss of people in your life now should be your sign but you are too shallow and sick to see it. The universe is not a vacuum and injustice does not go ignored. I have seen the moon and asked her favor. Whispered to the stars to take up my cause. The oceans rumble back a response and I am calmed.

I have peace and love, you will know none of this. Toss and turn on your web of lies and deceit. Remain trapped forever in the hollow shell that will crumple about you as I dance.

I have joy. And I smile.

So shall it be.