Monday, June 29, 2009

Rubber Room Fun

It was a blast. Come see Me next time bitches.... I loved all the ass I got to spank

This past week was a birthday week and thank you to all the bitches that took the time to make it special for Me. *MUAH*!!!

A trip to LA, a fabulous night out, toys, gifts.... I am so loved. :)

And if you missed it I did a cbt demo at Dare Ware yesterday that was a blast too....

Life is busy so keep up slugs....


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New fabulous NEWS!!!!!!

So just who do you think will be the Diva gracing the spanking booth at the DareWare RUBBER ROOM PARTY @the MERIDIAN in downtown Houston? ME ME ME that's who... Sweet right? So hold on, there is more. Hold on to your panties crew. I am doing demo's at Dare Ware starting June 28th at the shop on Sundays, just after closing....

So it will be private and we can get really really wild..... I love it!!!
Anyhooo enjoy June its My birth month so I hope everyone is loving and laughing it up.

Mistress Lady Friday