Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free at Last

Greetings faithful readers, I have great news. If you are reading this and have some idea about the dealings of My life then you are aware that last year I had a bit of trouble. I am referring to being arrested with a ridiculous charge made by an even more ridiculous person and I use that term lightly. Well the case was dismissed without even having to go to trial.

Yes that is right, the charge was so bogus that there wasnt even enough evidence to support a preliminary trial. That is how stupid the whole thing was dearies.

So now I will say what I have wanted to about it. This was probably one of the more trying experiences of My life. It was unjust and as close to evil as it comes, but thankfully I believe that people get what they deserve.

Hey I shit and piss on folks so I am not surprised that a little negativity falls My way from time to time. But for this troll faggot, I hope the Creator has something Job-like in mind for this little bitch. Being pug ugly and bad bodied is good but he was like that before..... Well there is always erectile dysfunction but I wouldnt want to inflict his tiny dicked goat-faced myopic wannbe trannie ass on anyone unless they happen to be formerly employed at Guantanamo Bay. But that is just Me being Christian. ;)

Other than that I have been mad traveling and enjoying being back in Houston without all the drama of the weird kind.

I hope you are all well and life is good for you.

Until next time,