Tuesday, August 19, 2008

FetishCon 2008

Well I just got back from Fetishcon this year and wow, what a lot I have to say about that and several other things that are on My mind. I cant say that I had the best time, but it wasnt the worst. People and D/s are an interesting thing. It has shifted and changed so much over the years that at times I find myself wondering if it is still the lifestyle I have loved so many years. More and more the answer is no. More and more the lifestyle is invaded by swingers and sensation seekers. I guess that is what people need to be thought of as "cool". People on the prowl seeking sex partners. There was more slap and tickle than anything else, and if that is your scene, great. But for those of us that like the more intense and "purer" (if you will) scenes there wasnt all that much to indulge in....
I recall the days when you could see a vacubed demo, or a piercing demo. But now we are relegated to scarf play and household sadism....... If there was a rolling eyes emoticon here I would use it. LOL

Anyhoo, I was asked a question by a so called sub the other day, concerning My statements about what I would and wouldnt let a slave do as opposed to what I would let My boyfriend do.

Let's see, would I have an old,balding man that is old enough to be My Father, that I see infrequently as My boyfriend. Most probably not, so let's see. What are the chances that I would want one that is a slave to lick my pussy or ass or nipples?

Does subspace take you to Oz? I am guessing so because so many seem to feel that they are allowed intimacies that in the regular world they wouldnt even attempt. As a Dominant, I love to play with all types of people. But that doesnt mean I want to fuck them all. Much less, have sex with dirty old men that are smacking their lips with anticipation like some creep on the corner with a overcoat on.

Sound attractive to you? Not to Me either.....