Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I have reloacted to Houston and I am happy to be home. I dont feel that Atlanta and I were ever a good fit, but home is where the heart is...

I came with a slave but soon realized that their heart wasnt really into servitude. I am amazed at the mental condition of so many of the younger generation. No work ethic, no sense of personal responsibility, no conviction of mind or spirit. Sad commentary on us as a society, that we produce young that have no ambition beyond the next thrill or seeing the latest band.

C'est la vie, I suppose.

But lesson learned. Now I am seeking a true slave that accepts their position in life. A slave that desires to serve Me and holds no delusion in their hearts about what that means. I dont know were the idea that slaves were girlfriends or boyfriends comes from. If I wanted a boyfriend it wont be someone that I piss in their mouth I can say that with complete honesty.

Perhaps that is the real problem, people are rarely honest with their intentions. They lie cheat and steal. Betray loyalties at the drop of a myspace page and feel absolutely no remorse.

So, I start My search again for the one that deserves to be at My feet, and I await them with open arms.