Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Has the world gone mad?

Helloo faithful readers,

Yes I know it is arrogant to assume that there is anyone out there that reads this regularly but if I cant be vain about a blog. Fuck you :) hee hee

Anyway, I heard the most interesting thing today. While chatting online in one of My incognito IDs I had a very interesting discussion with a local so called slave of a very well known Mistress in My area. I asked him how he found the scene and the
Dominants here. He answered that it was great as long as you kept your Dominants in check.

Now, did I have a stroke last night or does that just not make sense for someone to claims to serve as a slave. Let's see, I dedicate My service to you and all My rights as long as you dont get out of line. LOLOLOLOL

This is part of the perversion of this lifestyle. Roleplaying wannabees pretending they are the real deal but reveal themselves as the self absorbed sensation attention whoremongers they really are...

Or lets see, I am dominant but slap me in public and I am going to act like a fucking baby and not talk to you..instead of acting like a man.... Whahhhh whahhhh whah bitch. Suck your Mama's titty and grow some.

So, it is that time again and I am heading back to H-town. I miss Texas and the people there. Farewell Atlanta, I wish I could say its been fun.


Oh yeah, I find it interesting that in this day and age some people still have the arguement that women just couldnt handle the job of being president. When we we have the governor of New York State having to resign because he coulndt keep hookers off his dick. How impressive and commendable that is...... Let's keep America stong and keep spending tax dollars on whores..... Nice