Monday, July 23, 2007

Ode to the cocksucking sluts

Whether it be gobbling up a black rubber cock that I guide into their open and waiting mouths, or waiting nervously as you are presented with your first real cock to service for Me, cocksucking sluts are the givers of the kink world. Sucking and sucking to give pleasure to that thick meat probing and filling your throat, you don't complain, you just swallow on that hard shaft and suckle like the hungry mouthed, dripping dick loving bitch that you know you are inside.

This cock's for you......

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tiny cocks and the NBA

A call today on niteflirt, pointed out something that makes perfect sense. We were talking about lil white cocks and their inadequancies..... Then My caller pointed out something, he realized that since he wasnt gifted with height that chances are he would never be in the NBA. He came to terms with the fact that since he wasnt a good runner that he would never be sprinting for the gold at the Olympics. So it isnt a stretch to see that with his little white dicklet that he would never be anywhere near the best at pleasing a women sexually.

I applaud his findings and the honesty that he has with himself. How many man are walking around the planet with 6 inches and less in their pants and think of themselves as these sexual monsters. Come on, no one is clamouring to have a skinny ass stunted dick poking at them. Why? Porn I imagine has a lot to do with it. Videos generated to cater to males egos as well as fantasies....

There, women are hot to get whatever cock they can get. But, I have noticed that there is a growing appreciation of the Big Black cock in interracial videos. Perhaps they are finally gettting that women want to be pleased as they obviously are in THOSE flicks.

So, I say, stand up and take your place as 0ne of the endowment challenged,put on your panties and suck a Big Black cock and be selfless. Admit that you arent the best person to please your lover and sit back and watch as she finally has a real orgasm.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tampa and news

I had a great time in Tampa, as seen in the pic depicted here..... But I am most pleased to announce that I have My very own message board on at Check it out and leave Me some love.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


I didnt have anything in particular planned for this blog, but then I rediscovered a picture and a story of a session a few years ago. So here I am posting for the soul reason of posting this pic. I just love this, every sissy in the world should be sitting with panties wet looking at this pic?
I know this little slut was hot for Me to abuse that slutty sissy cunt.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Are some white people really that stupid?

I wonder sometimes about the white bitches that call Me. Now I have no issue with their desires to be humiliated, at all. In fact I love it. It gives Me a real charge to degrade and make them feel as low as I possibly can.

I am afterall the same person who told a caller in a wheelchair he should hang out on a pier and hope some kind person would put him out of his misery and push his sad ass off. Doesn't sound like I have any trouble sleeping at night does it? Good because I dont, LOL

But then I get a call from a little nasty white boy in the middle of the night, of course proclaiming that he wanted to suck big N..... cock. Yes this fucker had the audacity,( for you dumb sluts, that means the nerve) to use the "N" word with ME in his description of a Black man. In what reality would he ever think that I would find that acceptable. Especially from a wannebe cockwhore...

Who knows maybe he wears a white sheet from time to time when he isnt at home watching interracial porn with white women taking huge Black cocks and mastrubating furiously.

I wouldnt be surprised.

But fuck him and his stupid ass, he obviously is too dumb to appreciate that he looks even sadder by insulting the very object he desires.
Anyhooo, I took whatever aggravation out on the slut depicted with this post. A delightful little fuckslut who took everything (translation every inch) and begged for more....
Laters tators,
Lady Friday