Monday, June 25, 2007

A Double Session with DDevia

I had a great deal of fun this past weekend. I had the pleasure of introducing a virgin Black cock sucker to his first piece of Mandingo meat. He was a particularly interesting subject because he had informed Me that he had been fantasizing about just such a session for years. Despite his numberous attempts to achieve it, it kept seeming to allude him. That combined with his proclivity to try to worm out of actual servitude made him quite a challenge. That is, until he hooked up with the two of Us.

After an evening of enemas and a morning of public humiliation in front of his hotel maid, the evening was finally upon him. The subject of his imaginings arrived and of course the little maggot tried to sqirm out of going thru with it. However We were having none of that and sooner than I am sure he realized would happen he was slurping that cock down like a he was attempting to pay both Mine and Dominatrix Devia's monthly bills.

It was precious, the sight of him deep-throating for the first time, in whatever position We put him . That slut sucked up more dick than a vacuum after a mainstreet parade.
Oh little piggies, there was joy, joy, joy, deep in My heart.

Nubian Goddess and the sluts that serve Me

I have been around in the world of BDSM for quite a while now. OK, over a decade if you really must know and have seen a wide variety of play areas that submissives seemed to enjoy. A few really speak to My heart. CBT, sadism and role plays will always have a special spot for, but there are couple of new spots occupied lately. Humiliation, forced bi and toileting are just too yummy for Me to resist.

Why you ask? Because I love the whorishness of white subs. There I said it,it may not be politically correct, but it is true. Personally I couldn't care less about being, PC. I don't have to be. I am a Mistress, a Domina, wranglers of some of the sluttiest and nastiest personas around. So I will call it what it is, the desire of white pussy ass men to be the filthiest souls they can possibly be.

This blog will reminisce old scenes that will forever amuse Me and tell accounts of new scenes as they occur.

If you are faint of heart, this blog will not be for you because I like to do some fucked up shit to you little cunts.

It is not My intention to provide spankback material for wankers. I mean to use this for those that truly desire to serve an Ebony Domina like Myself. I am no cyber money princess. And don't get it twisted.I don't IM unless you are paying for My time.true. But I am not going to have My time wasted by wannabe broke ass bitches that cant treat Me in the manner that I deserve.

So look forward to My next blog about a rather interesting session I did with a Mistress friend of Mine, with a hesitant little wigger bitch that tried to balk at sucking the wonderful Black cock we had provided for him.